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Commerce Grants Cities TOD Implementation Funds

Posted on Nov 19, 2021 in:
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The Washington State Department of Commerce recently announced the 11 communities that will receive up to $250,000 each in grant funds to study the environmental impacts of planned transit-oriented development. Of the 11 jurisdictions, the following King County cities will receive funds for the following planning efforts: 

  • Auburn: Update downtown plan and develop an environmental impact statement (EIS)

  • Burien: Planned Action for Ambaum Blvd. Corridor and Boulevard Park subareas, served by Bus-Rapid Transit (BRT)

  • Renton: Develop a Planned Action EIS for new Rainier Ave. S. and S. Grady Way transit center

  • Redmond: EIS and Planned Action Ordinance for Overlake Area (two light rail stations) and evaluating Planned Actions for Downtown and Marymoor stations

  • Seattle: Planning around the 130th and 145th station areas to facilitate transit-oriented development

These funds are intended to help cities plan for higher levels of development near our investments in public transportation and study the environmental impacts in advance to streamline permit processing times.  MBAKS, the Realtors, and AGC staff are jointly reaching out to recipient jurisdictions to better understand each city’s plans for the funds.

For more information, see Commerce TOD Implementation Awards or contact


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