Energy Exercises by Aiping Wang

After years of researching and practicing many Chinese tradition exercises and healing techniques, Aiping Wang Fulepp conceived her own unique exercise. The exercise complements her healing methods and allows the person doing them to completely empty their mind, releasing energy blockages and reenergizing themselves. With practice and a high level of understanding, a person can reap the full benefits of the exercise quickly. However, in the beginning, the exercise takes more time.

The key to successfully practicing the exercises is to learn to move without moving, which ends in a state of relaxation. in this state, the mind and body are able to function in an altered way, resulting in emptiness of all thoughts, a feeling of lightness, and a deep sense of relaxation and recharge.

The first position is to stand with your legs slightly parted. Once situated like this, jump, with the soles of the feet parallel to the ground, the body staying in one place. The movements are gentle and slow, and the whole body is left to hang down. It is important to keep the back straight and avoid slouching. Keep your head tilted slightly backward. In this exercise, the neck is free to move from side to side, but in a way so that the face remains pointing forward and the ears moving downwards from shoulder to shoulder with each up and down step. It looks almost as though you’re being controlled by an invisible puppeteer, pulling your up and down. Despite adding to the odd appearance, remember to smile while completing the exercises.

Aiping Wang Fulepp’s exercise is best done just before sunrise, pointing east, so that the face is pointing toward the sun. A final requirement is wear warm clothing, to induce sweating. This exercise actually encourages a deep sweating that is from the organs – not your normal type of sweating!  As the soles of the feet strike the ground, there is a massaging effect, which travels all the way up the body through the meridians, reaching all the organs. Your organs will start to open and relax, releasing blockages and expelling the negative energy from the pores of the body, hence the sweating.

All in all, it is a dynamic exercise that must be taught by masters. Attempts to learn from videos are useful, but as there are so many subtleties to this exercise, including the leg and neck positions, it is advisable to seek out the instruction of a registered expert.