Our mission is to help you understand what you can get if you relax on a regular basis, we are passionate about it and 100% sure that you will be too when you start to experience the benefits for yourself.

You can prevent and resolve many of life’s challenges, not just physical and emotional health issues but financial and relationship problems too can all be resolved when you can learn to let go. We would like to give you as much relevant information as possible about different relaxation techniques..

This website was launched in October 2011, but we all have long track of experiences with many of those techniques. Our team of International Relaxation researchers has been growing steadily for over 15 years and we come from USA, Europe, UK and we are developing new connections every day.

We have traveled to over 30 different countries on our quest to find the source of the best Relaxation the World has to offer. We have tried and tested through this time, working with Gurus, Masters and Coaches to find out what works, what really delivers the results?  No one has time these days to sit on a mountain for 20 years so you can benefit from our efforts without having to leave town. It’s a fast track, short cut for people who want to develop their ability fast. You can select which method is most appealing to you, or try a combination.

Relaxation is not just our hobby. This is way of living and you can not reach a higher level of personal development if you don’t practice relaxation. So we make it simple. We give you clear instructions, all the coaching points are condensed and expressed in clear language so you get the essence of each discipline, years of our struggled trails are packaged simply to encourage you to keep going.

We promise you that if you follow every day you will get results, you will be fitter and happier and more relaxed than you have felt for years. If you liked the gym and jogging but find they are not helping you to relax then learning a specific technique is the next step. We call it Life training as you will discover very fast you will literally develop your self  every day that you make the time to practise.