My Favorite Ways To Relax & Be Healthy

I believe that being able to relax, when you want, whenever you want… is a crucial ability that each and every person needs to learn and practice in day to day living.

In today’s modern, fast paced world, and especially in the western, hi-tech countries, we all experience life as physically, mentally and emotionally stressful and tense. In particular those of us who have jobs requiring the use of computers and other hi-tech gadgets and machines on a regular basis, those of us who have to sit for many long hours in a row behind a computer screen, suffer from non-stop tension in our muscles and joints and tendons, and much worse, hidden tension in our veins, arteries, organs and vital systems. Other kinds of work requiring many hours of focussed work, like dentists, doctors and surgeons, who have to see sick people all day, lawyers and solicitors who have to see problematic people all day and of course this who drive all day, day in day out, often through heavy traffic and long jams, all have their own kinds of stress responses and tensions, due to mental stress and strain.

Stress is a buzz word today and doctors now admit stress is the number one causative factor for illnesses and also many people recognise stress is the actor in determining what is a problem, or not. Most people simply have difficulty trying to relax, at work, at home… where ever they are

Traditional ways of relaxing have been superseded by new fangled ways, but essentially, they all require us to do something and go somewhere, or take a lot of time and energy to perform.

As a result, I have decided to outline a few of my favourite ways to relax, without medication, or intoxication or other naughty but nice, fun and un-healthy ways!